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You deserve better
than a bank

You deserve better than a bank

Invest with Avenir and earn 8% on your money through automated cryptocurrency investing.

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You have the power to create the wealth you wish you inherited. You just haven't been told how.

But that’s where we come in!

Investing Is Now Inclusive

Don’t be on the outside looking in

The boot-strapped trailblazer,
First-gen millennial and gen-z,
The one carving a new path.

We've been in your shoes and know you've worked hard for your money.

Now let's make it work for you!

Discover what's possible

Avenir bridges the gap between having a traditional savings account and actually building long-term wealth. The Avenir platform enables you to

Earn higher interest
Automate your investing
with confidence
Debit card coming soon
See how much you can earn by investing$1,000with Avenir for a year!

Avenir - 8% APY


Regular Bank - 0.02% APY


Welcome to the future of money

The dream of a free and decentralized financial system is here... and you're invited.

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