Finally, an interest rate
that actually grows
your money.

Take your financial goals off the backburner
by investing with Avenir and earning up
to 5% APY.

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More money awaits you

  • Bank
    You deserve better than your bank.

    Traditional banks offer only .02% interest rates, making it impossible to build wealth. We came up with a better way to save for your financial goals.

  • Cash
    We're putting 50x more interest in your pocket.

    By leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, Avenir puts 50x more interest in your pocket so you can reach your financial goals faster and with ease.

  • Checked
    Make serious money moves.

    Pay off student loans. Save for a downpayment on a house. Plan an early retirement. Whatever it is, you can do it with Avenir.

See how Avenir compares against a traditional bank.

See how much you can earn by investing$1,000with Avenir for a year!
Avenir: 5% APY
$50 earned
Bank: 0.02% APY
$0.2 earned

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